SporkDAO Governance and Participation

The following document is a suggested outline for community members to coordinate governance decisions around growing and improving the SporkDAO Ecosystem. This document serves as an initial framework by which the SporkDAO community can employ for making governance decisions, but we encourage you to challenge this framework and make amendments to it as we move forward as a community.


At this stage, Stewards are charged with representing the wider ecosystem of $SPORK token holders, as well as outlining the processes for contributors in SporkDAO and its respective prongs.

The execution of governance decisions within SporkDAO will rest wholly in the hands of The Board of Stewards, who in the future will be appointed by community members in SporkDAO.

It is requisite that at least 7 members of SporkDAO occupy the board, where the maximum will be no greater than 9 members.

It is important to note, SporkDAO gives no deference to Stewards over voting in the prongs (Bufficorn Ventures, Colorado Jam Incubator, or ETHDenver DAOs).

There is more information forthcoming on how to become a Steward, hang tight!


SporkDAO Governance follows a process by which the community discusses, formulates, and proposes shared information to be voted on. When a formal proposal is made to snapshot.sporkdao.org, the proposal will require more “yes” than “no” votes for it to pass, otherwise it will fail.

When making a proposal, It is recommended by the Board of Stewards that you get general consensus from the community, before you make an official proposal out on the forum. This gives your fellow DAO members ample opportunity to participate in the governance process.

Tip: When you’re struggling to gauge consensus, running a poll in the discord or forum in the could offer a seamless method for engaging members with your proposal before formalizing it in a forum post.

Making a Governance Proposal

A Spork Improvement Proposal (SIP) is for making decisions about how to improve the SporkDAO Ecosystem, which includes its prongs. The following can be used as a template for making governance proposals to SporkDAO, here is the general outline for how a proposal should look:

  • Title - Give your Spork Improvement Proposal (SIP) a meaningful title (with no numbers)
    • For example: “SIP-Title”
  • Abstract - This is where you give context to other members about your proposal, the more detail you can provide the better, as the DAOs decision will depend on your ability to convey why you are asking what you are asking for.
  • Link - By linking out to supporting materials, you provide DAO members access to more detailed information about what you’re proposing.

Proposals that go to SporkDAO will need to be vouched for and championed by a Steward before they can go up to a vote in Snapshot, a process which will be outlined below.

Voting in SporkDAO is enabled through Snapshot

Participating in Snapshot governance requires that you hold at least 1 $SPORK token. In order make a proposal to SporkDAO, you will need to hold at least “1 mile“ or 5,280 $SPORK tokens, and you will need to be championed by a Steward.

Once a Steward has elected to Champion your proposal, your proposal will move to a Snapshot vote. Voting will last 1 week from the time it opens before it closes, and any actions to be taken by Stewards as outlined in the proposal will be executed when ratified.