Retroactive Rewards

Hello sporkdao community!

I’d love to kick off a discussion of the possibility of retroactively rewarding various volunteers, stewards, and contributors that went above and beyond. Many responsibilities - like managers and builders - don’t end after the closing party, and we don’t get to attend the after parties or retreats. I’d love to see these people get rewarded, as they were high value contributors to the event! My assumption is this was probably something that happened across the board in all departments.

One suggestion is that all stewards could nominate 1-3 contributors for a $500 self care stipend with a hard cap of 100 stipends at a $50,000 total ask. I’d be happy to volunteer to help organize, put it up for vote on snapshot, and followup with distributions. Also happy to hear suggestions, and ideas of how we might approach this overall topic. I certainly have a handful of people in mind that I would love to give a stipend to. I think this would be a massive gesture of community support and a great use of a small portion of whats been raised through all of our community wide auction, merch, and pfp efforts. Thank you for the consideration and I look forward to hearing thoughts. This ultimately comes from a place of deep awe of how everyone came together and worked so hard, and I want to see those efforts recognized.

In the future, I think this could be more eloquently distributed through some great DAO tooling like coordinape, but I do think this could be a first start to allocating resources in a splash budget for retroactive rewards.

  • Annie / Art Steward

I think it sounds like a great idea, I also love the idea of coordinape as well for the next one!

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