[Proposal] Blacklist OpenZeppelin from sponsoring future ETHDenver and SporkDAO organized events until they pay out bounties promised at ETHDenver 2019

I’ve tried to resolve this in every way I can think of so throwing this up as a last resort to try to get attention. At ETH Denver in 2019 Open Zeppelin Offered a bounty of $1000 plus ZEP token rewards, but the token never launched (which is fine)


My submission (super-random-evm - npm) won this bounty. And after multiple years of following up, reminders, talking to OZ at each other EthDenver and being promised it would eventually be paid out… it never has been. Its not a ton of money, now its just the principle of the thing.

Conversation Proof, although there have been several other attempts to contact various people:

As OZ has been unable to fulfill their promises to Hackers at EthDenver, I propose that in the spirit of fairness, the DAO ban them from participating in the future until they make good.

As a community we have to make sure we are taking care of the hackers. Why should anyone try bounties at hackathons if they get a reputation for never paying them out.

If there are objections to this lets discuss :smiley: Otherwise I will make a snapshot poll in a week.



I got a great email from marketing at OZ yesterday. As such I am withdrawing and abandoning this proposal. Thanks to all who helped me rock the boat, you are loved.


Glad this was able to be resolved. Open forums work :smiley:

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This is so nice to see!

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