Greetings Wielders of the SPORK

Having engaged over 40,000 participants from 100+ countries over 4 years, ETHDenver (and now SporkDAO) has one of the largest, most engaged communities in the world. Both purposes are designed to expand the reach and influence of SporkDAO through a “Big Tent & Blank Canvas” community.

Our community welcomes people from all walks of life to be free to express their unique creativity…with as few economic and geographic barriers as possible.

SporkDAO has three main purposes:

  1. To realize the vision of Colorado becoming a destination of choice for Web3 innovation while also becoming the “First Digital State” as announced by Governor Jared Polis in February 2021.
  2. To merge the greater Web3 community with Colorado by providing access to world-class events, experiences, swag, and value creation.
  3. To provide the global Web 3 community with a no-cost “big tent and blank canvas” to express their inner Bufficorn and #BUIDL the decentralized future.

As ETHDenver evolves to the broader SporkDAO, it is important to ensure that governance is set up in a way that includes a methodology for the maximum number of people to participate in the big decisions at the SporkDAO macro level as well as at the Prong Level.


SporkDAO is formed as a Colorado Limited Cooperative Association (LCA). The State of Colorado has a flexible cooperative law framework and is often referred to as the “Delaware for cooperatives”.

This approach and jurisdiction were selected specifically to utilize a legal structure which supports sustainable benevolence on behalf of SporkDAO Members and self-determination under the law.

Membership in SporkDAO is open to individuals and groups from all over the world!

Membership is triggered by one of a few potential activities:

  1. Attendance and/or contribution at an SporkDAO, ETHDenver, or ColoradoJam event
  2. Purchase of ETHDenver and/or SporkDAO SWAG/Merch from
  3. Grant contributions to Bufficorn Ventures and/or ColoradoJam

Other than the above activities, there are no membership fees or dues to maintain Membership in SporkDAO.


Also winning art or contributing art from spork dao auction <3


Will this be revised with the airdrops and the ability to get SPORK Token off exchanges? or is this still the only way to gain membership to the dao now?