DAO Proposal: Ban Shell, BP, and all top 100 oil producing companies & entities from sponsoring, recruiting from, or participating in EthDenver

The barbarians are at the gate. Do not take their bribes. Do not help launder their reputation. Do not help them hire our engineers. Do not make it normal to partner with organization which are destructive and lie about their destruction.

Today gitcoin announced a partnership with Shell to greenwash their reputation and promote their propaganda.

It’s not the first time a well respected, well meaning crypto project has accepted funding from an oil company with the same goals. BP was a sponsor of ethdenver in 2020. At the time I brought this up to the stewards, that several of the winning projects and audience favorites from the hackathons were focused on environmental sustainability. The greenpill events at ethdenver are always some of the best attended with the most energy. So why would ethdenver allow these companies to launder their reputation and promote propaganda?

I was told that accepting that money means youre trojan horsing the principles of crypto on them. This is obviously a fallacy, the trojan horse is going into our beloved spork castle! EthDenver has grown a lot since 2020, and its not supposedly governed by a DAO. Today, it’s time to put that to the test.

This is a proposal to ban the top 100 oil producing companies/entities from participating in Eth Denver 2024 and all future events. Should it pass, the stewards of eth denver shall not accept any sponsorship or other compensation from listed organizations, and they shall not be permitted to organize workshops or recruiting sub-events.

Please discuss below. A snapshot vote will be created in 1 week.

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Just my two cents ($Spork) here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I do fully see your view. It sucks to take money from our “abusive boomer greed machine” grand parents. The generational trauma is real… :man_shrugging:

Though society’s tendency to see issues in black and white is concerning and I feel it further fuels “the machine”. I say, if they want to fund our industry, let them. After all, they’re the reason we exist in the first place. We emerged as a response to the problems caused by the petro dollar system.

Also, much like the gas sector gets labeled as “dirty money” cryptocurrency faces similar “side eyed” skepticism. This binary “good/bad” viewpoint doesn’t just color the politics of oil and gas; it’s also making its way into the crypto world with similar effects that result in a a “divide and conquer” scenario. This thinking is at the heart of many societal issues. But in truth, everything exists on a spectrum.

It’s all about balance. There’s no light without darkness, no clear transition from hot to cold. Nothing is absolute. Right and wrong aren’t black and white; they’re shades on a spectrum.

I like to look at things this way. I feel like concepts of good and evil are social constructs. There’s a natural balance and duality to everything. Embracing this view often helps me lead a more balanced view of our world when thinking about hard conversations like this. I don’t feel that they are ‘laundering their reputation’. I feel as though we are taking over with a fresh world view. Taking over with a global free banking era not backed by the petro dollar system. Crypto may be full of a lot of stupid right now but it’s the only stupid with hope. We have skeletons in our closet too that can be judged with the same critical eye.

The oil and gas industry has an ethical responsibility to contribute to the shift towards sustainability and help us transition away from the old system. Every sector has its mix of ethical and unethical players. It’s crucial to evaluate each person or organisation based on its own merit rather than broad generalizations of good and bad. I say, “too big to fail?” “Put them in a glass box”. Publicly auditable ledgers all the way down. :sunglasses:

Imagine a future where BP rebrands because the term “petroleum” is outdated and we are in control with a sustainable global free banking era back stopped by the very system we appose similar to many times in history. As humans, I would like to build that future. Again… :sunglasses:

Same story different costumes :rofl:

For me, the real issue is the way that fossil fuels have been extractd and used. This means finding ways to transition to cleaner energy that is fair and equitable that won’t put the burden on any one group or industry and I think crypto plays a huge role in this. It also means being willing to have difficult conversations about the role that fossil fuels have played in our society, and how we can move forward.

I think it’s important to remember that we are all on the same side here. We all want a clean, healthy planet for ourselves and for future generations, even people working in the oil and gas industry. Everyone knows that system is over. We just need to find a way to work together to achieve that goal.

If the oil and gas sector wants to sponsor a hackathon for a new economic model, not only should we allow it, but we should also applaud and champion it!

The current narrative often wrongfully groups the crypto community with sectors it opposes so I totally get the apprehension. The mere mention of “crypto” evokes associations with oil and gas for many people. Cryptocurrency emerged as an alternative to this very system and we must face our demons. We can’t let Moloch win👹

We are literally in the same boat and we are all in this together and there is no “us and them”. In fact this level of “divide and conquer” behavior is the actual reason we have seen the negative effects of oil and gas to begin with. It destroys incentive alignment right out of the gate.

I think WE are the “barbarians at the gate” with a global free banking era, we are the trojan horse infiltrating the wannabe dictators, we are the paradoxical stepping stone to the future, we are the solution and the problem, we are human.

We are on the grand journey towards a global free banking era not backed by the petro-dollar. We cant deny the fact that we are still on a petro dollar system just like the Scottish free banking era had to be back stopped by the very same system it apposed. It is history repeating itsself in a profound and global way.

The crypto community, along with every other sector, has the power to redefine the narrative and shape a sustainable, inclusive future. Let’s embrace this challenge, not as separate entities, but as architects of a new era, united in purpose and passion. Built on top of a transperent meritocratic and publicly auditable proof of human work :muscle: